February 2013

I guess it is the cold weather that kind of makes you feel “gloomy.” As I write this article, I feel a sense of loss when it comes to the great Saints that are now with the Lord. I know they wouldn’t want it any other way but I still miss the many people from our church that were used as building blocks for our ministry. Without doubt, these Godly people are in the Great Cloud of Witnesses rooting us on. Most recently, our church lost Frankie Martin. Frankie was my visiting buddy. I would always call her and we would go around and visit a handful of folks (then end up at the local hamburger joint). I remember when the Lord called me back to Oakland in 2004 telling me that I would be the Pastor that buried a lot of the older people in our church that meant so much to me, our community and our church family. I find that as an honor from the Lord, but still miss them!

So here is a tribute to all of these wonderful people. You are loved and thought of often. Encourage the Heavens to continue to guide and direct our paths at Oakland Baptist to continue to reach out to our community for the cause of Christ. I pray a blessing over all of the family members that are left behind. Each of you were wonderful family members to your loved ones. Thanks for making a difference in each of our lives. Selfishly, thank you for loving (and putting up with) me. Each of you helped make Oakland the church that it is today!

Pastor Tim Colovos