Word from Pastor

When I first came to Oakland Baptist Church, I knew I was someplace special. I have been a minister for many years, and been in many churches, but this church was different.  It had beautiful facilities. It was surrounded by a picturesque landscape. There was something though that really caught my attention, the people.

The people and their passion were contagious. They had a strong desire to be a part of each other’s lives.  Welcoming each other, catching up with life, and laughing with each other was part of the Sunday morning routine.  My first introduction led to conversations that made me quickly feel like I was family.

They have such a desire to be a growing church.  This does not necessarily mean just bringing more people into the church house.  They want to grow as believers. Being a growing disciple is a big value for them.  The come to worship and Sunday School to hear God’s Word and grow in their understanding of it.  They wish to be a missional church.  One that seeks to reach outside their walls to show and share the love of Christ.

I know I am in love with this body of believers. I hope this web page helps you understand some of why I am:)

Pastor Jeff Carlisle

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