Sunday School
At 9:30 am, every Sunday there is a class for you. No matter what age nor stage in life, there is a weekly opportunity for you to grow in your understanding of God. There are classes that study books of the Bible and classes that use the Bible to help with topics from life. This is a great time to be in community with other believers as you grow together.

Mid-Week Service
Every Wednesday at 6:00 pm, OBC offers a mid-week service. The first 30 minutes we focus on prayer. We take time to praise His name, repent from the sin in our life, offer up requests to Him, and spend time listening and yielding to his call. This service ends with focusing on a book from the Old Testament.

Sunday Night Services
Due to Covid, we are meeting virtually. See the bottom of our home page for virtual options.

Bible Studies
Due to Covid, there are not additional options at this time.

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