November 2014

During Fall Break my family headed south (with about 5 million other people) for the week.  I have a friend whose family own a condo in Fort Myers, Florida.  This family is gracious enough to allow us to stay at this condo anytime we want to make the trip.  It is absolutely beautiful.  It has a PGA golf course as well as all kinds of other activities connected to the property.  Mr. Ed, the owner of the property, is such a gracious host.  His desire was to make sure that all of our needs (and wants!) were met.

We can learn a lot from Mr. Ed (not the horse!).  Are you a good host?  Do you ever go above and beyond to bless another person, not expecting anything in return?  I really believe one of the ways that we can be an example of Christ is to be the best host we can be.  Think about how much Christ went above and beyond for us!  The message is this; though being nice wont get you to Heaven it can certainly be a glimpse of what a person will see in Heaven.

Next time we get the chance to be a host or to have a chance to bless someone; lets go above and beyond our call of duty.  Let’s give them a small glimpse of what Heaven will look like.

Happy Thanksgiving Oakland,
Pastor Tim

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