August 2015

As I write this article our Eastern Kentucky Mission Trip team is on the road to their Mission destination! 33 folks from Oakland Baptist will once again be blessing 1,000 people with the love of Christ! Our team will be showing the love of Christ through donating household items, including food and school supplies (we packed an 18 wheeler from back to front, from floor to ceiling!). This is the 7th year our church has participated in this wonderful ministry. I want to say a very special thanks to every person that helped make this Mission possible. From those who donated items, prayed, financially supported and are in attendance – THANK YOU! I pray the Lord bless this week again this year.

I want to also ask prayer for all of our schools, teachers, faculty, students and families! School is back in session; good news for some and bad news for others! Oakland Baptist challenges each of our students to excel in the classroom and out of the classroom. I remind everyone of our members to be on the lookout for new faces. Fall is always a high attended time of year in the church. Lets make all of our visitors to feel especially welcomed. God bless you Oakland. I pray blessings over each of you!

Pastor Tim

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