January 2015

“Here We Go Again” is not only a song but a statement many people make at the beginning of each year.  It is hard to believe that 2014 has already come and gone.  I am sure we all had some great moments as well as some not so great moments in our lives in 2014.  Hills and Valleys is a constant in each of our lives.  Rather than try to avoid the valleys that come our way, let us in 2015 somehow try to embrace the valley, trusting that the Lord will be faithful and see us through each and every one that we go through.  It is in the valley’s of life where we can realize how good our God is to see us through such difficult times.

2014 was a great ministry year for Oakland Baptist Church.  We saw 34 people come to join us in ministry at Oakland with 19 of those coming to us through Salvation and Believers Baptism.  One of those being baptized was our daughter, Christina.  2014 included a great summer mission trip to Eastern Kentucky and awesome Vacation Bible School where 14 kids came to know Christ, some awesome 5th Sunday dinners with great offerings being collected, and many more awesome ministry events that took place.

My prayer is that you would make a concentrated effort to plug into the ministry of our church in 2015.  You wont regret it.  There is a sweet, sweet spirit in this place!  Come join us and find out for yourself what all the Lord has in store for you.

Happy New Year!
Pastor Tim Colovos