March 2015

Dude, its March!  I am within 30 days or so away from my Crappie Extravaganza!  I love to crappie fish.  I wish I were better at it.  My family for the past several years has gotten me Gift Cards to Gander Mountain.  I am like a kid in a candy store with those gift cards.  I think I have every jig and bait a fellow can have. I have more fishing poles in my office than Wal-Mart has in their store. Each year seems to get more exciting for me to disappear for a few days in the hopes of “catching the big one!”  So far that hasn’t happened but thats besides the point!

All of the gear I have could be multiplied (salivating thinking about it) but without a body of water, all the bait in the world is not going to do you any good.  In order to catch fish you have to go where the fish are.  The fish are not going to come to you (nor will Captan D’s come to you).  If you want fish, go catch fish.

So it is with lost people. Every once in a while the lost folks in the community will come to you but more times than not if you want to share the gospel with a lost person you have to go to them.  You can pray about it and have all the evangelistic studies you want but if you want to see the lost connect with Christ you must go to them and share with them the Good News!  Jesus knew what He was talking about when he said for us to become fishers of men!  This Spring, let us seek out the lost, just as the Good Shepherd sought out us.  If/when we do this, you may be surprised of what you catch!

Blessings OBC – lets go fishing!

Pastor Tim