September 2014

The past few years I have found a new silly little hobby; Fantasy Football.  Basically Fantasy Football is for overweight adult males who pick individual NFL football players to rack up points (or in my case, the lack thereof) competing against other NFL players that the friends in your league has selected.  12 guys from church has been getting together each Fall and participating in this event.  I have to admit it is pretty cool!

It has reminded me of something all adults need to do; have friends!  Remember when we were kids?  Your world revolved around having friends.  Somehow as adults, we have forgotten about the importance of friends.  My definition of a friend is having someone in your life that does not want anything from you other than your time.  No discussions or requirements about anything, just good old-fashioned friends!

What a great joy it is to not only have friends but to have Christian friends.  People in your life that not only know your hopes and dreams but people that also know your pains and struggles.  People that have close friends are people that generally have less stress in their lives.  Life is too short not to have friends!

Remember, the Bible teaches us that there is a friend that even sticks closer to us than a brother, his name is Jesus.

I hope that if you are an adult and are reading this that you have some folks in your life that are considered a friend.  Call them up.  Enjoy your conversations and time with them.  I know I enjoy my friends and wouldn’t trade any of them (well maybe a few!) for anything.  If you happen to be a friend to me – thanks.  You are loved!

Pastor Tim

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